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Section of Department of International and European Law - international private law

European Private International Law: Theory vs. Practice

(Department of International and European Law)

The legal regulation of Private International Law in the Czech Republic has been in the recent years strongly influenced by the existence of EU legislation in this area. At present, there is a number of legal acts governing particular issues concerning the relations with an cross-border element. These issues include jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of judgments and selected questions of legal aid. Also the unified European procedures for certain cross-border disputes have been introduced. The aim of this section is to provide the opportunity for discussion about particular acts, their interpretation and application, benefits or disadvantages. This section should give a floor to the exchange of opinions from both theoretical and practical point of view. The papers may be devoted to the analysis of the acts or their specific aspects including the case law of the Court of Justice. The papers relating to the application of these acts in the Czech legal environment are welcomed as well.

Scientific Guarantor:
prof. JUDr. Naděžda Rozehnalová, CSc.
Organizational Guarantor:
JUDr. Klára Drličková, Ph.D.
English, Slovak, Czech