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Legal, criminological and criminalistic aspects of criminal offences against life and health

(Department of Criminal Law)

Criminal offences against life and health represent – regarding value of interests protected by them – one of the most serious attacks against individuals and society. With respect to variability of possible interferences with these protected interests, specifics of perpetrators of such criminal offences, as well as peculiarities of their investigation, it can be considered as both highly discussed and rewarding topic. Therefore, contributions aiming (besides) at interpretation of particular elements of body of criminal offences against life and health (committed by natural persons as well as legal entities), possibilities of concurrence of these criminal offences with others or among themselves, circumstances excluding illegality, but also at criminological aspects of subjected topic, such as personality of perpetrator or position of victim of these criminal offences, and last but not least at criminalistic (forensic) context of criminal offences against life and health, i.e. specific methods or forensic techniques used for investigation of such criminal offences (e. g. traffic criminal offences) or rules for interrogation of suspect or aggrieved party etc., are welcome within our section of the conference.

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JUDr. Eva Brucknerová, Ph.D.
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Mgr. David Čep, Ph.D., Mgr. Katarína Kandová, Ph.D.
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