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Labour Law and Performance of Erotic Services

(Department of Labour Law and Social Security Law)

"The issue of performance of dependent work in erotic services currently seems to be very actual. Even though, dealing with labour-law as well as further aspects on the academic level has been absenting so far. In the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic nowadays lays an amendment proposal aiming at constituting particular scopes as far as performance of the oldest craft worldwide is concerned. From such regulation, the Deputies hope primarily to contribute to higher income into the state budget and decrease in tending to illness in respective sector. The question of social insurance of persons performing erotic services shall be stated for sure as well. Could the prostitution be legalised as performance of (dependent) work? Under which conditions the performance of sexual assistance occurs and what are legal as well as ethic problems connected with onerous providing of sexual intercourse to disabled persons? Has the time finally come for labour law to find the right way leading to safe and healthy performance of the eldest occupation from the historic point of view? Did the considerable group of prostitutes working during the ice hockey world championship organised in May in Slovakia have a legally ensured, dignified performance of their profession, or some kind of more appropriate legislation can follow de lege ferenda? And what about pornographic industry? Who shall be (should be) obliged to provide with necessary protective equipment and in which way the control of porn actor’s health is practically realised? Should the sexually transmitted diseases in erotic services perhaps be included among occupational diseases? Answers (not only) to such queries will be tried to be found just within the section Labour law of the international conference Days of Law 2019.

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JUDr. Jan Horecký, Ph.D.
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Mgr. Tereza Antlová, Mgr. Michal Blažek, Mgr. Roman Zapletal
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Slovak, Czech
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