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Soil within Legal Relationships

(Department of Environmental Law and Land Law)

Soil is a non-renewable natural resource; the natural wealth of each country.

At the present time, our society's already felt demonstrations of climate change, especially in the form of drought, are also consequence of the long-term inconsistent care of the soil as well as non-settlement of problems associated with soil loss and degradation of its biological, chemical and physical properties.

The complexity of the links to which the soil enters reflects the diversity of its functions. It is a means of production, a source of food, biomass and raw materials for society and it is also a merchandise. At the same time as a basic component, it fulfils a number of non-productive functions of the environment, ensures retention, filtration and conversion of substances, it is a habitat of plant and animal species, a natural genetic bank and a carbon repository.

The question of effectively ensuring of the protection of non-productive soil functions while simultaneously reflecting society's requirements for soil as a subject of an exploitation is examined by a number of scientific disciplines. The aim of the section is, in relation to the integrated and comprehensive approach to soil protection, to open and enable a critical expert discussion focused on the analysis of legislation in force at the national, European and international level and its effectiveness and on the possibility of further direction, both theoretical and application.

The section is opened to the experts from range of academics, representatives of public administration, landowners, land users and other stakeholders. Contributions to both public and private law issues related to, among other things, soil protection from degradation factors, to the rational and sustainable use of soil/land for agricultural production and other purposes, to the influence of soil ownership and beneficial use of land, and to addressing potential conflicts of interest in performance of its individual functions.

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