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(Department of the History of the State and Law)

The word of restitution has already in Roman times meant giving back to its original condition, not only in cases of things, but also in cases of rehabilitation of persons. However, in current understanding is this word mainly associated with restitution of property, which was confiscated from original owners in various ways by the state, both in the past (e.g. the question of confiscation in connection with the uprising of the estates), and especially in recent times, namely in the 20th century. It is possible to focus on analysis and comparison of the titles of transfer of property to the state in various periods of Czech history (e.g. Beneš Decrees, Lex Schwarzenberg). Besides, another issues are the assumptions and conditions for the return of the property to the original owners, particularly for the period since 1989. The section is not intended only for the academic community, but also for the practicing lawyers, who are concerned with restitutions.

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