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List of Participans (in alpabeth order)

  1. prof. dr hab. Nita ADAM, prof. UJ, Poland
  2. Mgr. Martin ADAMIČKA, Slovak Republic
  3. Dr. István AMBRUS, PhD, Hungary
    Thoughts on the New Proposal for a Directive of the Eurpean Parliament on the protection of persons reporting on breaches of Union law
  4. Mgr. Michal ANTOŠ, Czech Republic
    Benefit owners of companies with hidden ownership structure
  5. Prof., JUDr. Vladimír BABČÁK, CSc., Slovak Republic
  6. JUDr. Martin BABJAK, Slovak Republic
  7. Andrea BAČOVÁ, Slovak Republic
  8. JUDr. PhDr. Stanislav BALÍK , Czech Republic
    The role of The Constitutional Court as the guardian of the favor restitutionis principle - past and present
  9. JUDr. Stanislav BARKOCI, PhD., Slovak Republic
  10. Mgr. Richard BARTES, Czech Republic
    Definition of public expenditure
  11. Dr. Marija BARTL, PhD, Netherlands
    Legal Imaginaries and Social Change
  12. Mgr. Radka BARTOŠÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Selected issues of extended confiscation of property
  13. Mgr. Katarína BAVLŠÍKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Displacement of Moravian Croats and their restitution claims
  14. JUDr. Markéta BEDNÁŘOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Selected aspects of the offense proceedings under the Aliens Act
  15. JUDr. Martin BEJBL, Czech Republic
  16. prof. JUDr. Josef BEJČEK, CSc., Czech Republic
  17. dr. Krisztina BENCZE, Hungary
    Some problems with the implementation of a fair process
  18. Dominik BERÁNEK, Czech Republic
  19. MUDr. Mgr. Štěpánka BIBROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Ethical and legal aspects of health protection in relation to the development of autonomous cars
  20. Vít BIČEJ, Czech Republic
  21. doctor/ PhD Paulina BIEŚ-SROKOSZ, Poland
    Principles of administrative punishment used by an administrative authority - changes in the Polish Code of Administrative Procedure
  22. Jan BIRAVSKÝ, Czech Republic
  23. Mgr. Roman BISTÁK, Slovak Republic
    Freedom of expression versus political correctness
  24. Aleš BLAHUT, Czech Republic
  25. Mgr. Michal BLAŽEK, Czech Republic
    Selected impacts of the possibility to enter into marriage by same-sex couples manifesting in the area of the Czech social security law
  26. Ema BLAŽKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  27. prof.zw. dr hab. Brzeziński BOGUMIŁ, prof. zw. dr hab. , Poland
  28. Martina BOJANOVSKÁ, Czech Republic
  29. Mgr. Bc. Terezie BOKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  30. JUDr. František BONK, PhD., Slovak Republic
  31. Master Bartosz BOROWIK, Poland
    Changes to fiscal control of entrepreneurs and their impact on economic freedom in Poland
  32. dr. Szilvia BORS, Hungary
    Jurisprudential and history of law improvement of constitutional principles prevailing in employers’ liability for damages
  33. JUDr. Radislav BRAŽINA, Czech Republic
    The specifics of the right to be heard in the minor offense´s proceedings
  34. Luboš BRIM, Czech Republic
  35. JUDr. Eva BRUCKNEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  36. doc. JUDr. Mária BUJŇÁKOVÁ, CSc., Slovak Republic
  37. Štěpán BURDA, Czech Republic
  38. JUDr. Katarína BURDOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Judiciary of ECHR on Same-Sex Marriages/Relationships as a Challenge for Slovak Marital Law
  39. Stanislav BUREŠ, Czech Republic
  40. JUDr. Kateřina BUREŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Position of children in homoparental families
  41. Mgr. Ing. Lenka BURSÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    PPP projects - current issues
  42. Mgr. Romana BUZKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Legal and Economic Aspects of Cohesion Policy Simplification Measures
  43. Andrey BYSTROV, Russian Federation
    Alexey Borovoy - the Forgotten Hero of Anarchism. The Doctrine of Anarcho-Humanism.
  44. Mgr.et Mgr. Bc. Hana CEJPEK MUSILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Legislation on Organic Farming in the Context of EU Common Agricultural Policy
  45. Mgr. Martin CÍFERSKÝ, Slovak Republic
    Procedure by the administrative authorities for road traffic offenses
  46. JUDr. Petr COUFALÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The procedural legitimation and the Draft of the Civil Procedure Code
  47. JUDr. Bronislava COUFALOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The legitimacy of seizuring things important for criminal proceedings with respect to the passage of time
  48. Mgr. Damian CZUDEK, Czech Republic
  49. Tereza ČEJKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Digitization of financial administration
  50. prof. JUDr. Jozef ČENTÉŠ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Interference with fundamental rights and freedoms in criminal proceeding
  51. Milena ČERNÁ, Czech Republic
  52. JUDr. Mgr. Radek ČERNOCH, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Usage of the Term "Restitution" in the Digests
  53. JUDr. Petr ČERNÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Procedural obstructions in proceedings for traffic offence
  54. Ing. Karolína ČERVENÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
  55. JUDr. Daniela ČIČKÁNOVÁ, PhD., LL.M., Slovak Republic
    Big Brother as a Trader: Exchange of Products for Personal Data under Consumer Law
  56. Dita ČOLÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  57. Pavel DATINSKÝ, Czech Republic
    Use or exploit of tax optimalization with collective investment funds
  58. JUDr. Ludvík DAVID, CSc., Czech Republic
  59. Univ. Prof. Dr. Astrid DEIXLER-HÜBNER, Czech Republic
    Marriage for all in Austria?
  60. Mgr. Matěj DOBEŠ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  61. JUDr. Eva DOBROVOLNÁ, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
  62. Mgr. Natálie DOČEKALOVÁ, Czech Republic
  63. Mgr. Tereza DOMANSKÁ, Czech Republic
    Violation of international human rights obligations in the area of asylum and migration law in Central Europe as a result of finding a common enemy of the regime
  64. doc. JUDr. Marek DOMIN, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Electoral competition only for "big" political parties?
  65. JUDr. Klára DRLIČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  66. JUDr. Jana DUDOVÁ, Ph.D, Czech Republic
    Czech Republic from the position of the "superpower" on noise exemptions from car traffic
  67. Mgr. Martin DUFALA, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Electromobility in the Slovak Republic
  68. Mgr. Lenka DUFALOVÁ, PhD, Slovak Republic
    Judiciary of ECHR on Same-Sex Marriages/Relationships as a Challenge for Slovak Marital Law
  69. Mgr. Václav DVORSKÝ, Czech Republic
    Idem or tantundem? Restitution in the case of deposit
  70. JUDr. Jan DVOŘÁK, Czech Republic
    Protecting Classified Information in Minor Offence Proceedings
  71. Zuzana DVOŘÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Possibilities of using algorithms in the decision-making of business corporations statutory bodies
  72. Piotr ECKHARDT, Poland
    Critical Legal Studies as a method of research on the influence of the neoliberalism on the jurisdiction of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal during the political transformation
  73. JUDr. Kateřina EICHLEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  74. Mgr. Marcel FANDÁK, LL.M., Slovak Republic
  75. Simona FEDOROVA , Slovak Republic
  76. Mgr. Iva FELLEROVÁ PALKOVSKÁ, Czech Republic
    Judgments of the EU Court of Justice - Precedential Effects
  77. Prof. JUDr. Jaroslav FENYK, Ph.D., DSc., Czech Republic
  78. Mgr. Jan FERFECKÝ, Czech Republic
    Oral hearing as a problematic point of the new administrative offense proceedings: the less, the better?
  79. JUDr. Zdeněk FIALA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Will be specified
  80. Nikola FIAMOLI, Czech Republic
  81. Bc. Denisa FIANTOVÁ, Czech Republic
  82. Iuliia FILIPPOVA, Russian Federation
  83. Mgr Eliška FISCHEROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Limited Civil Jurisdiction
  84. Mgr. Alena FLORIÁNOVÁ, Czech Republic
  85. Dominik FOJT, Czech Republic
    Selected issues of extended confiscation of property
  86. JUDr. Kateřina FRUMAROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Adhesion proceedings as part of an offense procedure
  87. doc. JUDr. Marek FRYŠTÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  88. Pavel GAPEEV, Czech Republic
  89. Mgr. Michaela GARAJOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Allowance of Punitive Damages in Intellectual Property Cases under the European Union Law
  90. PhD Professor Daniel GHITA, Romania
    The new Romanian Civil Procedure Code after 5 years from its entry into force
  91. professor dr Jan GŁUCHOWSKI, professor, Poland
  92. Mgr. Yulia GOROSH, kandidat věd, Czech Republic
  93. JUDr. Barbora GRAMBLIČKOVÁ, LL.M., Slovak Republic
  94. Jan GREGOR, Czech Republic
    Institute of Presentation in Theory and Practice of Police Authority
  95. Mgr. Tomáš GRYGAR, Czech Republic
  96. JUDr. Lukáš HADAMČÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  97. Tereza HAJDAJOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Burden of Substantiation in the (New) Civil Proceedings
  98. Mgr. Martin HAMŘIK, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Consumer Protection in the New Digital Era
  99. JUDr. Ondřej HAMUĽAK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  100. JUDr. Klára HAMUĽÁKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Relationship between individual civil proceedings and collective court proceedings
  101. Jakub HANÁK, Czech Republic
  102. Mgr. Roman HANÁK, Czech Republic
  103. JUDr. Jiří HANDLAR, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  104. JUDr. Jan HAVLÍČEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Lex Schwarzenberg is not a history
  105. JUDr. David HEJČ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  106. Zuzana HLAVÁČOVÁ, Czech Republic
  107. Kateřina HLAVÁČOVÁ , Czech Republic
    Crime of torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment in connection with securing legal institutes
  108. JUDr. Martin HOBZA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Cryptocurrencies and financial instruments: do they have something in common?
  109. Mgr. Jan HOLAS, Czech Republic
  110. Mgr. Linda HOLKOVÁ LUBYOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Data as a Tradeable Commodity
  111. JUDr. Mgr. Ondřej HORÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Formation of Czechoslovakia and "Expiation of the White Mountain"
  112. JUDr. Monika HORÁKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Bude upřesněno
  113. Kristýna HORKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  114. doc. PhDr. Peter HORVÁTH, PhD., Slovak Republic
    President as constitutional policy
  115. Mgr. Ladislav HRABČÁK, Slovak Republic
  116. Vít HRAZDÍRA, Czech Republic
  117. Mgr Lucia HRDLIČKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    The reasonable length of custody in the light of the European Court of Human Rights jurisdiction
  118. Mgr. Jan HŮLEK, Czech Republic
  119. Adam HYSPECKÝ, Czech Republic
  120. Mgr. Jana CHÁBEROVÁ, Czech Republic
  121. Nikola CHÁBOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Territorial Protective Mechanism of Air and Its Effective use
  122. Mgr. Alena CHALOUPKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Selected aspects of nature and landscape conservation in road construction processes
  123. JUDr. Radim CHALUPA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Order Proceedings and the "Reminder Proceedings" in the White Paper of the Code of Civil Procedure
  124. prof. Elena CHERNIKOVA, DrSc., Czech Republic
  125. Mgr. Jiří CHROBÁK, Czech Republic
  126. Štěpán JAKL, Czech Republic
    Legal regime for the use of recycled construction and demolition wastes in the construction of roads
  127. docent Adrián JALČ, PhD, Slovak Republic
    New tools in the fight against terrorism in the context of fundamental criminal-law institutes
  128. JUDr. Ilona JANČÁŘOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    CO2 Emission Reductions from Car Transportation in the Frame of Decision 406/2009/EC
  129. Nicole JANČOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Fulfillment of GDPR’s Information Obligations in International Commercial Arbitration
  130. JUDr. Jana JANDEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Application of the principle of free assessment of evidence in the administrative offense proceedings
  131. Mgr. Sebastián JANKO, Slovak Republic
    Selected issues of the interception and recording of telecommunications and notification of communication data
  132. Štěpán JANKŮ, Czech Republic
  133. JUDr. Jindřich JANOUCH, Czech Republic
  134. JUDr. Michal JANOUŠEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  135. Michal JANOVEC, Czech Republic
    Financial market law as an economic law
  136. Kamil JELÍNEK, Czech Republic
    Position of the recipient of the subsidy in sanction proceedings
  137. JUDr. David JEROUŠEK, Czech Republic
  138. Mgr. Nikola JÍLKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Right to Modarate a Sanction in the Administrative Justice
  139. Jakub JOKLÍK, Czech Republic
  140. doc. Mgr. Marek KÁČER, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Political correctness and radicalization of public opinion
  141. Dr. János KÁLMÁN, Hungary
    The Legal Concept of Financial Stability
  142. prof. JUDr. Věra KALVODOVÁ, Dr., Czech Republic
  143. Dr. Johanna KAMMERLANDER, Czech Republic
    The Karel Des Fours Walderode Case
  144. Mgr. Miroslav KANTEK, Czech Republic
    Critical legal theory and structuralism
  145. Dr. Piotr KARLIK, Ph.D., Poland
  146. Mgr. Bc. Ivo KEISLER, Czech Republic
  147. Dr. Péter Bálint KIRÁLY, Hungary
    Blockchains as taxation tools
  148. JUDr. Alena KLIKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  149. Jakub KLODWIG, Czech Republic
  150. Mgr. Karel KNAIFL, Czech Republic
    Issue of Retroactivity of a Crminal Procedure and the Right to a Fair Process
  151. Mgr Barbora KOBEROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Reduction of emissions from vehicular traffic under Decision No 406/2009 / EC
  152. Nikita KOKORIN, Russian Federation
  153. Silvie KOLDASOVÁ, Czech Republic
  154. Kamila KOLIBOVÁ, Czech Republic
  155. Mgr. František KORBEL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    to be defined later
  156. JUDr. Tomáš KORČEK, Slovak Republic
    The usage of digital technologies in the process of establishment and incorporation of limited liability company
  157. MVDr.Ing. Jana KORIMOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Can animal health legislation affect animal husbandry?
  158. Martin KORNEL, Czech Republic
    Marriage Law: Quo Vadis?
  159. Mgr. Michal KOŠČIK, Czech Republic
  160. prof. JUDr. Soňa KOŠIČIAROVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Procedural principles and disciplinary liability members of self-governing organizations in Slovakia
  161. Petra KOTKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Marriage for transpeople
  162. Mgr. Pavel KOTLÁN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Problems of the Seizure of Property in Criminal Proceedings
  163. Denisa KOTROUŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
  164. Doc. JUDr. Zdeněk KOUDELKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Czech Crown Jewels in Austria
  165. JUDr. Pavel KOUKAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  166. Mgr Lic. et Mgr. Ingrid KOVÁŘOVÁ KOCHOVÁ , Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Concentration of Proceedings
  167. dr Barbara KOWALCZYK , Poland
    Legitimate Expectations Regarding the Practice of Calculating Fines Applied by EU Bodies
  168. Dr Mgr. Michal KOZIEŁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    bude upřesněn
  169. Prof. JUDr. Zdeňka KRÁLÍČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Concept of Marriage in the Czech Republic: Traditional and Conservative?
  170. JUDr. Dominik KRÁLIK, Slovak Republic
    European regulation of groups of companies
  171. JUDr. Lukáš KRÁLÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  172. prof. JUDr. Vladimír KRATOCHVÍL, CSc., Czech Republic
  173. Dominik KRAYZEL, Czech Republic
  174. JUDr. Zdeněk KREJČÍ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  175. Edit KRISTON, Hungary
    Relationship forms in the contemporary Hungary– in the light of the European trends
  176. Mgr. Petr KRUTIŠ, Czech Republic
  177. Kateřina KUBENKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Territorial Protective Mechanism of Air and Its Effective use
  178. JUDr. Dominika KUČEROVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Slovak Republic versus the European Court of Human Rights
  179. doc. JUDr. Josef KUCHTA, CSc., Czech Republic
  180. Mgr. Katarína KUKLOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Dissolution of the political party as an effective institution of militant democracy? Case study from the Slovak Republic.
  181. mgr Joanna KULAWIAK-CYRANKOWSKA, Poland
    De iis, qui postliminium non habuerunt, id est quando iura minime restituta esse potuerunt
  182. Michaela KURKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  183. prof. JUDr. Jan KYSELA, Ph.D., DSc., Czech Republic
  184. Ing. Bc. Karel LÁBR, Czech Republic
  185. Eva LÁSKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Interpreter in Offense Proceedings
  186. Gheorghiu LAURA VALERIA, Romania
    Critical Revisiting Uti possidetis juris’ Principle and Applications
  187. Petra LAVICKÁ, Czech Republic
    Representation of legal entities in civil proceedings
  188. doc. JUDr. Petr LAVICKÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  189. Marina LAZAREVA, PhD, Russian Federation
    Reforming the Russian Constitutional Court: fundamental issues
  190. Mgr. Rudolf LEŠKA, Czech Republic
  191. JUDr. Alexandra LETKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Issues of the Church Restitutions in Slovakia
  192. Egor LEVCHUK, Russian Federation
  193. Ekaterina LEVCHUK, Russian Federation
  194. Mgr. Petra LIŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Insight to practical issues of the Act on Registration of Sales
  195. Kvido LOTREK, Czech Republic
  196. Mgr. Adrián LUKÁČIK, Slovak Republic
    Same-sex couples on the move: Family life guaranties and challenges
  197. Mgr. Marcela LUKÁŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
  198. Mgr. Ľudovít MÁČAJ, Slovak Republic
    Extension of the use of the dispositional principle in administrative hearing of administrative infractions?
  199. JUDr. Hana MAGUROVÁ, PhD., LL.M., Slovak Republic
  200. JUDr. Zuzana MAGUROVÁ, Slovak Republic
  201. JUDr. Ing. Petr MACHÁLEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  202. Mgr. Kateřina MACHOVCOVÁ, Czech Republic
  203. PhDr. Ján MACHYNIAK, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Constitutional Checks in the Political Systems of the V4 Countries.
  204. JUDr. Mag. iur. Michal MALACKA, Ph.D., MBA, Czech Republic
    Sharia and Family Law in EU
  205. Mgr. Ondřej MÁLEK, Czech Republic
    Shareholders' decision-making per rollam and with usage of electronic means of communication and need of notary’s certificate of acknowledgement
  206. Mgr. et Mgr. Helena MALÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Infringement of art. 101 and 102 TFEU proceedigs conducted by European Commission
  207. Mgr. Bc. Radka MALINOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Quality of government through the view of law and economics
  208. Mgr. Jan MALÝ, Czech Republic
    Problems of selected impounding measures in criminal proceeding against legal entity
  209. Mgr. Tomáš MAŇAS, Czech Republic
    Problematic aspects of protection against road traffic noise in the Ombudsman´s perspective
  210. Dr. Rafał MAŃKO, Poland
    Law and the Political: Towards an  Agonistic Jurisprudence in Central Europe
  211. Ewelina MARCIŃCZYK, Poland
  212. Mgr. Zuzana MARETHOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Bude upřesněno
  213. Prof. JUDr. Hana MARKOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
    Economic bases of budgetary relations and their reflexion in budgetary law
  214. JUDr. Veronika MARKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Detention as one of the apprehension of persons for the purposes of criminal proceedings and selected application problems
  215. Mgr. Lenka MARTINCOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    The problem of restitutions still current
  216. Mgr Jakub MARTINEC, Czech Republic
    Undue Delays in Handling the Misdemeanour Cases
  217. JUDr. Michal MÁRTON, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Person affected direct by violation - selected themes
  218. Edita MAZANCOVÁ, Czech Republic
  219. Mgr. Filip MAZEL, Czech Republic
    Material Conduct of the Civil Proceedings in the Context of the Right to a Fair Trial
  220. Klára MAZURIKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  221. JUDr. Filip MELZER, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
  222. Mgr. Olexij M. METEŇKANYČ, Slovak Republic
    Hidden concept of militant democracy in the decision-making process of the European Court of Human Rights
  223. Mgr. Silvia MIČUDOVÁ , Slovak Republic
    Pre-trial custody as ultima ratio of legal securing persons in criminal procedure
  224. JUDr. Stanislav MIHÁLIK, Slovak Republic
    Safeguarding and surrendering of the computer data in the light of economic criminality
  225. Mgr. Lukáš MIKLAS, Czech Republic
    Personal inspection vs. inspection of person from the point of view of the Police of the Czech Republic
  226. dr hab. Wojciech MORAWSKI, prof. UMK, Poland
  227. Lucie MRÁZKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Restitutio in integrum and its influence in the modern world
  228. JUDr. Hana MÜLLEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Ecological vs. transport infrastructure in landscape: legal aspects
  229. Mária NAGYOVÁ, Slovak Republic
  230. mgr Magdalena NASUTA, PhD student, Poland
    Institution of protective measures in criminal law as protection of the society against the behavior of persons who in a non-culpable way threaten the legal order
  231. PhD Bulat NAZMUTDINOV, PhD, Russian Federation
    The History of Concepts and the Critical Theories of the State
  232. Mgr., Bc. Nikol NEVEČEŘALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    CNB Recommendation for Mortgages - Obstruction or protection before the Mortgage Crisis
  233. Przemysław NIEMCZUK, Phd, Poland
    Regimes of responsibility of public administration
  234. Jakub NOVÁK, Czech Republic
  235. Mgr. Marek NOVÁK, Czech Republic
    Limitation of natural restitution in context of property settlement with churches
  236. Zdeněk NOVÝ, Czech Republic
  237. Ing. Cecília OLEXOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
  238. Mgr. Soňa ONDRÁŠIKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Right to Family Life in the EU - Recent Case-Law
  239. doc. JUDr. Dana ONDREJOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  240. Mgr. Milan PALÁSEK, Czech Republic
    The Convention, Same-Sex Marriage and Other Rights
  241. JUDr. Ivana PAŘÍZKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  242. doc. JUDr. Bronislava PAVELKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Marriage (not for all) in Slovak republik
  243. doc. JUDr. Bronislava PAVELKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    ThThe Roman Principle of Equity in the Effective Process Codes of the SR
  244. Ondřej PAVLECH, Czech Republic
  245. doc. JUDr. Ing. Milan PEKÁREK, CSc., Czech Republic
  246. Mgr. Robert PEŠA, Czech Republic
    Advocate's Fee as Part of the Costs of the Civil Proceedings
  247. Pavla PEŠATOVÁ, Czech Republic
  248. Mgr. Bohumil PETERKA, Czech Republic
    Transposition of the Directive on the freezing and confiscation of instrumentalities and proceeds of crime in the European Union
  249. Tomáš PETR, Czech Republic
  250. Mgr. et Mgr. Jan PETROV, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    the topic will be confirmed later
  251. Mgr. Bc. Jan PETROV, Czech Republic
    Supranational Courts as Guardians of the Rule of Law in Central Europe?
  252. Ing. Mgr. Jan PIAZZA, Czech Republic
  253. Mgr. Jan PODANÝ, Czech Republic
  254. JUDr. Ladislav POKORNÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  255. JUDr. Radim POLČÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    member of the panel discussion
  256. dr. Kitti POLLÁK, Hungary
    Administrative punishment in Hungary
  257. Mrg. Klára POLOPRUTSKÁ, Czech Republic
  258. Jaroslav POSPÍŠIL, Czech Republic
  259. JUDr. Soňa POSPÍŠILOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Specifics of the command procedure on an administrative infraction with the order issued on site
  260. JUDr. Lukáš POTĚŠIL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Code of Administrative Procedure and Offenses Proceeding
  261. Tereza PRÁŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  262. Dr. Emanuel PRINZ V.U.Z. LIECHTENSTEIN, Austria
  263. Mag. jur. Ulrich PRINZ V.U.Z. LIECHTENSTEIN , MAIS, Austria
  264. Mgr. Vojtěch PROCHÁZKA, Czech Republic
  265. Mgr. Petr PROKOP, Czech Republic
  266. Jan PROVAZNÍK, Czech Republic
  267. Prof. JUDr. Petr PRŮCHA, CSc., Czech Republic
  268. Doc. JUDr. Ivana PRŮCHOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
    On the importance of the prohibiting the entry of motor vehicles for environmental protection in the nature and the landscape.lanscape,
  269. dr Łukasz PRUS, Poland
    Legitimate Expectations Regarding the Practice of Calculating Fines Applied by EU Bodies
  270. Bc. Karolína PŘIBYLOVÁ, Czech Republic
  271. JUDr. Jindřich PSUTKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  272. Mgr. Ivan PUŠKÁR, Slovak Republic
    Customary Rules and International Investment Law with regards to Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard
  273. JUDr. Ivana RABINSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  274. doc. JUDr. Ing. Michal RADVAN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  275. Research Fellow Valentina RANALDI, Ph.D., Italy
    The Banking Union to the Test of the Recent Banking Crisis in the EU
  276. Eva REMIŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
  277. Mgr. Štěpán RICHTER, Czech Republic
    Apps in contract law
  278. JUDr. Anna ROMÁNOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
  279. doc. JUDr. Sergej ROMŽA, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Limits of Judicial Intervention in Custody Decisions
  280. JUDr. Kateřina RONOVSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  281. Mgr. Olga ROSENKRANZOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  282. Alžbeta ROSINOVÁ, Czech Republic
  283. Mgr. Laura RÓZENFELDOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    The End of Geo-blocking?
  284. Ing. Mgr. Radek RUBAN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  285. Mgr. Nikolas SABJÁN, LL.M, Slovak Republic
    Critical Approaches to Law and Ideology
  286. JUDr. Pavel SALÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  287. Albert SARKISOV , Russian Federation
  288. JUDr. Miroslav SEDLÁČEK, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    Judgment of recognition
  289. JUDr. Stanislav SEDLÁČEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  290. JUDr. David SEHNÁLEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  291. Ing. et Ing. Pavel SEMERÁD, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Is it possible to substitute robot tax?
  292. Mgr. Jan SCHEUER, Czech Republic
    Administrative discretion about material aspect of the offence - which way should we take?
  293. Mgr. Dušan SCHMIDT, Czech Republic
  294. JUDr. Blanka SCHÖBLOVÁ, Czech Republic
  295. Dominik SKOČOVSKÝ, Czech Republic
  296. JUDr. Veronika SKORKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    ThThe Roman Principle of Equity in the Effective Process Codes of the SR
  297. Doc. JUDr. Soňa SKULOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  298. Mgr. Zdeněk Jiří SKUPIN, Czech Republic
  299. Zuzana SLABÁ, Czech Republic
  300. mgr Marek SŁUPCZEWSKI, Poland
  301. JUDr. Michal SOBOTKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Legal Aspects of Used Tyres Management
  302. Yuliya SOLOVIOVA, Russian Federation
    Features of the integration of market of participants professional legal assistance in the Russian Federation: theoretical and scientific aspects
  303. JUDr. Pavla STAVINOHOVÁ, Czech Republic
  304. Doc. JUDr. Václav STEHLÍK, LL.M., Ph.D., Czech Republic
  305. Mgr. Kamila STLOUKALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Rights of War Prisoner - A Few Remarks on the Restitution and Retroactivity
  306. Mgr. Monika STOJÁKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    The Shadow Economy as a Global Phenomenon with an Impact on The National Economy
  307. Mgr. Bc. Lucie STRAKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Is blockchain a sexy solution for collective management?
  308. Mgr. Jan STRYA, Czech Republic
    Critical legal studies and legal formalism
  309. Mgr. Bc. Tomáš STŘELEČEK, LL.M., Czech Republic
    Reform of the Civil Procedure in England: fundamental premises and principles - possible inspiration for the new Czech Civil Procedure Code
  310. David STŘÍŽ, Czech Republic
  311. Mgr. Daniela SUCHÁNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  312. JUDr. Vladimír SVITEK, Slovak Republic
    Chosen aspects of income tax.
  313. Dorota SVOBODOVÁ, Czech Republic
  314. JUDr. Eva SZABOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Obtaining the evidence by individuals and its admissibility in the criminal proceedings
  315. JUDr. Peter SZÁRSZOI, Slovak Republic
    Advocacy office domiciliary search
  316. Mgr. Katarina SZENDREIOVA, Slovak Republic
    Payment Order
  317. Bc. Roman ŠAFÁŘ, Czech Republic
    Smart contracts in business relationships
  318. JUDr. Dominika ŠAJTYOVÁ , MBA, Slovak Republic
  319. doc. JUDr. Filip ŠČERBA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  320. Mgr. Jakub ŠEDO, Czech Republic
  321. JUDr. Jan ŠEJDL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Confusio et restitutio
  322. doc. JUDr. Ing. Josef ŠILHÁN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  323. Mgr. Bc. Šárka ŠILHÁNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Color as a Trademark in the Fashion Law Context
  324. Ing. Mgr. Josef ŠÍP, Czech Republic
    Selected aspects of the changes of polish legal system
  325. Josef ŠÍP, Czech Republic
  326. JUDr. Martin ŠKUREK, Czech Republic
    Notification of minor offenses
  327. Mgr. Martin ŠLOSAR, Czech Republic
    Restitutio on the example of M. T. Cicero's life
  328. PhDr. Mgr. Jan ŠMÍD, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Relationship between Law and Economics in the theory of F. A. Hayek
  329. Mgr. Jan ŠOBORA, Czech Republic
    Regulatory Approaches to the Sharing Economy
  330. JUDr. Antonín ŠPIRUDA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Types of legal norms used in EU legal acts
  331. JUDr. Dana ŠRAMKOVÁ, Ph.D., MBA, Czech Republic
    Interaction of Law and Economics in the Fieldof Customs Administration
  332. JUDr. Markéta ŠTĚPÁNÍKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Law and Literaure in Central Europe
  333. Jakub ŠVEC, Czech Republic
    Doubtful assessment of legal impacts of attempts to nationalize the property of Dr Adolph Schwarzenberg by the courts of the Czech Republic after 1989
  334. Mgr. Martin ŠVEC, Czech Republic
    bude upřesněno
  335. Mgr. Martin ŠVEC, Czech Republic
  336. JUDr. Barbora TALLOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Informing concerned persons about interception performed.
  337. doc. JUDr. Bc. Jaromír TAUCHEN, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
  338. Prof. JUDr. Ivo TELEC, CSc., Czech Republic
    member of the panel discussion
  339. Mgr. Jan TEPLÝ, Czech Republic
  340. Anton TISHKIN, Russian Federation
  341. doc. JUDr. Marcela TITTLOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Information, such as evidence obtained through the use of reinsurance institutions and the possibility of their use in criminal proceedings
  342. JUDr. Jana TKÁČIKOVÁ, PhD., Czech Republic
  343. Ing. Eva TOMÁŠKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  344. dr. Barbara TOTH, Hungary
    The Revision of Brussels IIa. Regulation on Matrimonial Matters
  345. Mgr. Václav TOUL, Czech Republic
    bude upřesněn
  346. Jan TRANŽÍK, Czech Republic
  347. doc. JUDr. Lívia TRELLOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Electoral competition only for "big" political parties?
  348. Mgr. Lenka TREŠLOVÁ, Czech Republic
  349. mgr Kacper TRZESZCZKOWSKI, PhD Student, Poland
    Is the value added tax in Poland working?
  350. Markéta TŘÍSKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  351. Master Anita TWARDOWSKA, Poland
    Legal sources of financing animal protection in Poland - selected aspects.
  352. prof. JUDr. Vladimír TÝČ, CSc., Czech Republic
    Some Problems Concerning Establishing New States (Secession)
  353. Jan ULLMANN, Czech Republic
    Reversion of property unlawfully acquired on the basis of the forged testament
  354. David VÁCLAVEK, Czech Republic
  355. JUDr. Dominik VANEK, Slovak Republic
    Selected application problems of use of information and technical means in criminal proceedings
  356. JUDr. Eva VEČERKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  357. prof. JUDr. PhDr. Miloš VEČEŘA, CSc., Czech Republic
  358. JUDr. Bc. Pavel VETEŠNÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  359. JUDr. Roman VICHEREK, Czech Republic
  360. Mgr. Zuzana VIKARSKÁ, MJur, MPhil, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    National Identity as a Justification of Member States' Controversial Values
  361. Mgr. Anna Katerina VINTROVÁ, LL.M., Czech Republic
    Current Position of the ECHR towards Euthanasia
  362. Lukáš VÍTEK, Czech Republic
  363. Mgr. Jiří VODIČKA, Czech Republic
    Development and regulation of infrastructure for alternative fuels in the Czech Republic
  364. Stanislav VOCHYÁN , Czech Republic
  365. Prof. JUDr. Ladislav VOJÁČEK, CSc., Czech Republic
  366. Mgr. Terezie VOJTÍŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Provision of electronic evidence in criminal proceedings
  367. Mgr. Vojtěch VOMÁČKA, Czech Republic
    Biofuel Blending From the Perspective of Legal Regulation and Case Law
  368. JUDr. Aneta VONDRÁČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Crowdfunding: EU law perspective
    The Lex Schwarzenberg – a victim´s perspective
    Four Generations of Injustice
  371. Mgr. Pavel VŠETIČKA, Czech Republic
    Protection of the rights of the victim in the proceedings on offenses against civil cohabitation under previous and current legislation
  372. Mgr. Pavel VŠETIČKA, Czech Republic
    Crime of torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment in connection with securing legal institutes
  373. Mgr. Andrea VUONGOVÁ, Czech Republic
  374. Martina WEISSOVÁ, Czech Republic
    What happened to offences connected to mining law?
  375. JUDr. Lenka WESTPHALOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Marriage in Germany
  376. prof. JUDr. Jozef ZÁHORA, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Gathering Digital Evidence in Cross-border Situations
  377. Mgr. David ZAHUMENSKÝ, Czech Republic
  378. Mgr. Roman ZAPLETAL, Czech Republic
    Selected impacts of the possibility to enter into marriage by same-sex couples manifesting in the area of the Czech social security law
  379. Lucie ZATLOUKALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Marriage Law: Quo Vadis?
  380. JUDr. Lucie ZAVADILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The concept of marriage in European private international law
  381. Mgr. Martina ZÁVODNÁ, Czech Republic
    Will the will of the parties regarding choice of English law and English courts jurisdiction be respected in case of "hard" Brexit?
  382. Valeria ZAVYALOVA, Russian Federation
  383. doc. JUDr. PhDr. Robert ZBÍRAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  384. dr Mariusz ZELEK, Poland
  385. JUDr. Jan ZIBNER, Czech Republic
    Impacts of the Digitalization on the Copyright Law
  386. Mgr. Radomír ZIMEK, Czech Republic
  387. JUDr. Ivana ZMEKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    The impact of the reform of the civil proceedings with regard to the regulation of the exercise of parental rights and duties.
  388. JUDr. Lukáš ZRŮST, BA (Hons), LL.M., MBA, Czech Republic
  389. Veronika ZSIRAI, Hungary
    The European Investigation Order in criminal matters (EIO)
  390. Mgr. Ing. Bc. Josef ŽÁK, Czech Republic
  391. JUDr. Dominik ŽIDEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Protection of cultural monuments during construction of transport infrastructure